Domino Beliefs - Mental Models for Musicians
My Gift to You: The 36 Most Important mental tools that EVERY artist needs!
📈 Lessons Included:

  • Know Thyself
  • The Tale of 2 Trees
  • Cheese And Whiskers - People Love To “buy” And Hate To Be “sold”
  • Patterning - What it is and How to Use it
  • RED or BLUE Oceans
  • Artist as Hacker
  • The Agile Artist
  • SuperSongs
  • Staging Exeriences
  • Becoming an original - ERRC Method
  • Own Your Pipes - Tools To Steer Your Career.
  • Super Teams
  • The 10 Covenants - We GET you. Were just not OUT to get you.
  • Get Your End Zones Right - The Old Myths and New Rules:
  • The Shift from WIIFM to WIIFU
  • What Can Artists Learn Form a Charizard - The Pokemon Principle
  • The 6 Launches - Artists Use Through Their Career
  • Stop Setting Goals - Start Setting Strategy
  • The 4 Corners of a career: Talent, Training, Tech and Team.
  • 42 Lessons [ Indie Artists Can Use Everyday ] from Alice Cooper, Luke Bryan, Kiss, Slipknot, Chris Stapleton, Iron Maiden, Kesha, and Keith Urban
  • Monetizr - Revenue Building Blocks for Profitable Artists
  • The Ground-Game: Aligning Music, Merch & Money,
  • Konnectr - Monetizing Artist Communities
  • The Prelaunch - the SET before the SPIKE
  • Productizr - Productization, Price Points, Product Suite Development and Product Bundling
  • Launchr - the Product Pre Launch Campaign
  • Subscribr - Monthly Subscription Products That Fans Love to Pay For
  • Fundr - Fundraising Campaign
  • Your Board Of Directors
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